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_DSF0754The backbone of our organization is the Perform It! yearlong Shakespeare program.  We give approximately thirty students, ages five to nineteen, the opportunity to participate in our nine-month program.  We begin each fall with classes in voice training, body movement, acting skills, improvisation, and theater production know-how. We aim to give young people a serious in-depth theater program while putting fun at the center of the experience.

We are dedicated to providing an environment where young people and their parents collaborate.  When we are all together, we number around 75 to 85 people working on the student-centered project.  The students learn to design, build, and paint the set, design the lighting, and work on costumes.  Some parents help to build the set while others design and sew costumes.  Our families often remark that the program changes their lives and helps them to feel not only closer to their own children, but also helps to make lasting relationships with everyone involved.  In short, we create a community where parents and students thrive.  Our spring performance, our biggest production, attracts audiences of all ages, who not only attend to support the students’ work, but also come because they know the young thespians will make Shakespeare understandable to everyone.

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Perform It! has been an integral part of the Lakes Region community for many years.  Some of our past projects include:

The Perform It! Shakespeare-in-Residence program, a ten-week theater project in the public schools. We introduced students to theater history, Shakespeare and acting skills, and gave them activities such as treasure hunts through Elizabethan time and collage work to help them interpret stage roles. We created the scripts and activity books for our school programs and devised curriculum enrichment materials for teachers.

The Intergenerational Shakespeare Project brought teenagers from our Yearlong Program together with senior citizens in our community to enact, debate, and discuss the life themes inherent in Shakespeare’s plays. This intergenerational learning project, funded by grant money, was offered to the community free of charge. Many of the senior participants commented on the joy of being with teens and learning about Shakespeare and theater, while the students reported gaining invaluable knowledge through the wisdom of the elders.

The Russian Theater Bridge Project began when Perform It! Young People’s Stage Company collaborated with the nonprofit organization called Access to Ideas. We have been in touch with students in Russia who are part of a theater organization similar to ours. We called them on the phone and Skype, speaking through an interpreter about their lives, the plays they have performed, and how they train for the stage. Fifteen of our students enrolled in a Russian Club and learned Russian so that they could communicate directly with the students and teachers in Russia.

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